Fiore's Bagel Nook & Café

We wanted to take this time to say thank you to all those who have supported us over the last 4+ years, we truly are grateful!!! As all small business owners do, we put every ounce of money, time, sweat, heart, soul, & tears into our cafe and thank those that appreciate that! With that said, Friday when we lock our doors and close for the day at 3pm will be the last time we do so. We have found a wonderful family who will be taking over Fiore's and we ask that everybody show them the love and support they deserve for investing their lives into our community!!! I know the Fiore's will be there often! Please follow @wholeandgrounded on Instagram and Facebook for updates for exactly when in February they will be opening! This is an exciting time for us to move on and for them to get started and take this great little cafe to the next level. Hope to see everybody for a cup of coffee at @wholeandgrounded soon!